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Registered Purebred Kiko Meat Goats

Our goats are registered with the National Kiko Registry

Kiko Meat Goats

The Kiko goat breed was developed in New Zealand in the 1980s through selective breeding of feral goats with the goal of creating a hardy, meat-producing breed. The breed was officially recognized in the 1990s and has since become popular in the United States and other countries for its meat production and adaptability to a variety of environments. The breed's name "Kiko" is a Maori word meaning "meat" or "flesh".

These large-frame meat goats are known for demonstrating less parasite susceptibility than other breeds. Kiko females are excellent mothers that unassisted, commonly deliver multiple healthy kids. Kiko and Boer crosses show exceptional carcass performance with a high muscle-to-fat ratio, resulting in high-quality meat with little waste.

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